venerdì 5 settembre 2014

the thread...

The thin thread that holds together two people.

– Which thread?

– The thread of all that binds them, even when they are away. Even when you do not see and do not speak.

… – Why do you say the thread?

– Because it is a very thin and very durable, no? You can not even see, and is extensible almost without limit through the distance and time and crowds of other people who occupy the space and through it in every direction.
But it is not obvious that there is, the wire.
– No?

– No. Maybe two think they are very close, then just try to get away they discover that they are actually very well each to his own.
– And then because they thought to be related?

– Why were held together by a glue of pure habit and objects and places shared gestures and layered. It ‘ a glue strong enough to seem like a welding permanent, but as soon as one tries to come off there is no thread to follow him.

– How sad.

– Yes Most of the bonds are of this kind, I think.

– How do you know that the thread there instead?

– When you try to break it, and you are in free fall through the sense of things.

– And what is done, this wire?

– Of a continuous exchange of questions and answers. Looks, even imagined. Assonance and insights and surprises, mutual curiosity that does not end. And similarities and differences.

Andrea De Carlo , 
 Pure Life

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